Michelle M. Mesi, President

michelle m. mesi, president

Michelle Mesi, President of Capital Alliance Solutions, Inc. believes in building relationships and leveraging her passions to create better solutions for clients and customers. This is what she has done since taking the reins of her first company in 2010 and guiding it to healthy profitability before changing focus and founding Capital Alliance Solutions, Inc.

With a passion for people and education, Michelle earned degrees in a Masters Degree Educational Administration and Human Resources coupled with dual undergraduate degrees in History and Education. It is a combination of experience and interest that naturally created a path for pursuing business that would allow Capital Alliance Solutions, Inc. to both help and educate clients in various ways.

Michelle is also quite passionate about advancing the representation of women in business. Having led successful companies in a traditionally male-dominated industry, she has developed the skills and political acumen to navigate a complex world of government contracting while developing partnerships to support other disadvantaged and underrepresented business endeavors.